Information Technology has played a key role for freelancers in Pakistan is the largest training program which was launch by The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom created by Agnite through which over one million training have been provided across the country in a short period of one year. is a unique program which have surpassed all existing online training programs in Pakistan. The program’s success factors include market demand, unique content, coaching and support mechanisms.

After the launch of the program, the number of freelancers and their income in Pakistan have increased substantially.

 According to the Payoneer’s Global Gig Economy report which was published in Forbes Magazine, Pakistan’s rate of revenue is now the highest in the Asia freelance market with 7% annual. The report also said that the number of freelancers in Pakistan increased during the second quarter of 2018. And this growth is directly linked to the success of this program.

In the presence of, Pakistan will soon conquer the international freelancing market, ensuring national development and prosperity. You can get enroll in these courses and after these course you will be able to earn money.

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