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Huawei applied for Smart Speaker with a trapezoidal design

Recently, Huawei applied for the smart speaker to the World Intellectual Property Organization for a design patent for the new speaker on February 2, 2020. It was announced on April 9. From the patent picture, we can say that this speaker uses an oval design, the top is a speaker net, the front has not only a power switch but has volume up and down, Bluetooth and a round button, presumably to replace the track. There is a USB port for charging and a microSD card slot on the left.

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This Huawei smart speaker is equipped with the Celia voice assistant in the Huawei P40 lineup to achieve intelligent functions. But unfortunately, there is not much information about this speaker, but since it is still in the patent stage, we cannot judge whether Huawei will put it for commercial use or not.

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