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LG officially reveals design video of LG Velvet including Raindrop

LG Velvet shows a very smooth and clean design, the biggest feature of the new machine is the “raindrop” design for the rear camera. For some time, LG has been trying hard to gain appeal in the smartphone market. On April 19, LG Electronics unveiled a preview video of its latest smartphone and has tried in almost all areas, including the dual-screen phone launched not long ago.

In order to reverse the situation, LG has apparently temporarily abandoned its ambition to reshape its flagship brand and turned to another path to start focusing on the mid-range smartphone market.

LG previously said that its future devices will no longer use a mixture of letters and numbers. This upcoming mobile phone is called Velvet. It is a mobile phone developed for mid-end mobile phone users. In the past few weeks, the official has been slowly Published information on this phone.

Today, LG released a complete promotional video on their youtube channel that fully demonstrated the design of this phone and claimed that it is one of the most beautiful smartphones till today.

LG Velvet uses a new “3D Arc Design” curved screen design, which allows users to get a comfortable feel.

As LG official said, Velvet’s smooth appearance and black, white, red and green four colors with gradient effects make the entire phone look pretty high-end.

LG Velvet uses very high-quality materials, it is equipped with a Snapdragon 765 5G processor, which generally come with high-end flagship product.

LG Velvet placed fingerprint on the back of the phone for a more seamless look, and added the iconic “raindrop” rear three-camera array and Led flash. The rear camera is vertical from left to right on the left side of the device Arranged like a raindrop that is dripping, this design is very recognizable and makes people shine.

The main camera is slightly elevated, and the rest is flush with the body. This is a deliberate design to avoid large and unsightly camera protrusions.

LG valvet Launch video Techgoody
LG valvet Launch video Techgoody

The front of the phone is a water drop screen. Although this design has a good proportion of the screen, compared with the current digging screen design, the water drop screen has been slightly behind, and it is a bit of a beauty.

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Now for this mobile phone, everyone wants to know the price which was not disclosed yet.

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