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Huawei’s revenue increased despite US Sanctions

Huawei’s revenue increased despite US Sanctions. A Chinese company that has faced trade sanctions and various sanctions between the United States and China, which is still in profit. French news says all efforts by the United States to isolate the Chinese company globally were frustrated. Despite all the efforts, the company’s revenue increased by 24.4% in the first nine months of this year. According to the company, Huawei made a profit of $ 86.2 billion and saw its profit rate rise by 8.7 percent.

Donald Trump blacklisted but Huawei’s revenue increased despite US Sanctions, in May of this year through an executive order. The basis for which the alleged links with the Chinese government of the company were laid. According to the news agency, the United States had expressed concern that China could use its telecom company Huawei’s product to monitor. on the other hand, Huawei dismissed the allegations, saying that their company not harm anyone. In a July interview with Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said, when it was blacklisted by the United States, Huawei company was not ready for it and its smartphone sales dropped 40% in the first two weeks after the ban, leading to concerns about operating systems. However, he said the company is now able to relinquish its American dependence on its key products. The company said that the company is focusing its attention on the improved infrastructure of smart devices and is working to accelerate and improve their performance.

Huawei announced that it has signed 60 contracts with the other telecom carriers to provide equipment for 5G networks. while earlier this year Huawei announced to launch a new Operation system HarmonyOS which replace Android but it is very tough to convince the world to replace Android so that is why the company is going to launch with the dual boot system if the report is true so will it not hart the performance of smartphone?

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