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Is Facebook dark mode available for the users

Is Facebook dark mode available for the users? Facebook announced redesigns and screen changes in February of this year. Now, after several months of hard work, some users allowed to use the Facebook Android app in the Dark Mode. The dominant part of the screen will make you look black.

Facebook dark mode

Facebook said the changes would be available for the web instead of the mobile app but some users in Europe have reported that they were being offered a new interface for some days, in which the Dark Mode is also included. Then users have seen it and also liked this interface in Dark mode. But this change is also noticeable in the app.

However, some users did not like it because there is more reading on Facebook than YouTube, and white text on black backgrounds makes reading difficult.

If this change is liked by the users so all Facebook users will be able to see it within the next few months. Facebook said that more changes are waiting and will be made this year, including several modifications to the interface.

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