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LynQ: Location Tracking Technology Better than Cell Phone

In many countries, including Pakistan, people isolated in the crowd, sometimes mobile phones signal do not work in many places and need wifi but wifi also not available at that time so this tool is going to work for you.

This tool called ‘LynQ’ can connect two to twelve people at a time. It does not require any phone service, Wi-Fi, Internet and monthly fees, but a device link is connected to another device via special radio-frequency.

In this way, this invention has been very useful in monitoring some crowded markets, school, colleges, universities. some times, children are also separated from their parents, at that time this LynQ can be very useful.

It’s very simple to use, connect two or 12 devices of the lynQ first by locking them together. After that everyone can add their name to their device and even set a distance, but remember that it only works within a 5 km or 3 mile of the range.

Now if anyone go away, the name of the person will appear on the screen and just walk in that direction until you reach to your friend or family. It can be used as a GPS compass (compass) as it also indicates the direction of disappearance.

According to the LynQ Company, this system has been tested by the military in the real battlefield and satisfied. Similarly, the device can also be given to the elderly who are frequently relocated due to a mental disorder. On the other hand, trekkers in the mountains and skiing in the snow can make good use of it.

It can also be used in natural disasters and accidents where mobile networks and power systems are badly affected and people continue to search for each other. Similarly, this tool can be very useful for young children.

This Lynq device can last up to 3 days on a single charge and is fully waterproof, childproof and shock proof. Pre-order for the LynQ currently in progress and may be available until next year even you can buy LynQ today Indiegogo

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