Corona virus

Free currency notes from Coronavirus

The public has adopted a new way to Free currency notes from Coronavirus. In the southern city of Butts County of Georgia, the market administration has begun ironing out currency notes and protecting them from viruses, while metal coins are cleansed of germicidal solvents. Bata Emanazi, vice president of counter-diseases and public health, said that hot iron or antibiotic spray is effective for free currency notes and coins from Coronavirus.

Before entering the market, customers pay money from their pockets to local workers who remit the notes by ironing them. spraying metal coins, he further added that the customer can use those notes and coins anywhere they want to use. Also, all the visitors are regularly checked for fever. The use of gloves and masks is required to enter the markets and the mask and gloves are provided free of charge by the government. In addition, it is recommended to maintain social distance. management is regularly cleaning the markets. Rush is low in the markets and people are allowed to go to the market on their turn. All the stores are closed except pharmacies, gas stations, grocery stores, home appliance stores Pet stores, warehouses, agricultural markets, cattle markets, fertilizer stores in Georgia from 20th March 2020.

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