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OPPO Ace2 new machine poster announced: comprehensive upgrade of game performance

OPPO Ace2 new machine poster announced: comprehensive upgrade of game performance to create e-sports experience.

OPPO Ace2 will officially meet you on April 13th and will share more new super players’ highlights, so stay tuned while they have shared some of the specifications OPPO official Weibo released a preheating poster for the 5G super player OPPO Ace2 new machine conference, announcing that OPPO Ace2 uses a 90Hz gaming screen and a 180Hz touch sampling rate, and has 4D constant cooling, 4D vibration 2.0, stereo dual speakers and Dolby Atmos. OPPO Ace2 builds an e-sports player-level experience from the professional screen, touch, performance, heat dissipation, and sound effects.

OPPO Ace2 new machine

OPPO Ace2 will create a focused and immersive gaming experience in all directions, using a 90Hz e-sports screen, compared with the 60Hz mobile phone refresh rate on the market. Which improves the smooth screen look and feel of the game.

OPPO Ace2 uses 180Hz touch sampling rate, touch sampling rate increase means more accurate, improve the smoothness of the game control screen, the game operation is one step faster. In terms of heat dissipation, OPPO Ace2 has a 4D constant-cooling heat dissipation design, which not only can quickly export the internal heat, but the thermal buffer material can also slowly release the heat of the mobile phone, not let players feel hot.

OPPO Ace2 uses 4D game shock 2.0 in the immersive experience, optimizes scene recognition for shooting and racing games, and implements diversified adaptation of vibration waveforms in accordance with the content of the game screen; OPPO Ace2 uses stereo Speaker, don’t worry about holding the posture to cover the speaker, with Dolby Atmos (Dolby Atmos) technology, making the game sound more three-dimensional and symmetrical. In the headphone mode, Dolby Atmos also allows game players to more accurately listen to the sound to achieve a new immersive gaming experience.

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