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Samsung S11 leak news

News is circulating about the Samsung Galaxy S11 leak news for quite some time, but recently GSM Arena, who reported many times during 2012-2014. again sharing few leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S11.

The S11 is going to introduce in three different sizes of the screen which will be 6.4, 6.7 and 6.9 inches, there will be 4G and 5G alternatives for both smaller screen sizes while the larger one will come with the only 5G technology, All five alternatives will come with Curve Edge display. Adhering to the tradition, this mobile is going to launch from mid-February to the end.

In addition, Arena mobile predicts at least one phone to have a 20: 9 aspect ratio. the ratio of the two sides of the display in landscaping mode, which does not include metal strips.

Not only GSM Arena but Tech Radar and Toms Guide have also claimed to include 108MP main camera sensor in this next flagship of Samsung and will accompany with X5 Zoom Perry Scope camera. Which is a key component of the ‘Space Zoom’ feature.

Samsung S11 Battery and Processor

In addition, Samsung S11 leak news is coming that this phone will be the fastest processor with Snapdragon 865, and this phone has a battery size of up to 4000 mAh. While Samsung S11 Plus will have a size of 5000mAh, which is a high refresh rate and 5G requirements.

According to Tech Radar, Samsung is going to use 108MP main camera in the next flagship mobile. Recently Xiaomi MICC9 (Note 10) used it.

According to Ice Universe, this will be an upgraded version of the camera used in Xiaomi Note 10. While Samsung S11’s optical zoom lens name is a Hubble Code name, a Space Telescope name that shows its extraordinary zooming ability.

Samsung said about its Space Zoom Feature that it has the usual zoom feature but the tech radar predicts a space for better images of stars and moon.

Similarly, it is also a rumor about the presence of an in-display camera. Although Xiaomi and Oppo are already using this technology. Samsung is following Apple’s flagship, and maybe waiting for the technology to mature.

Maybe the spectrometer will be included in this gadget, which means you can check the chemical composition on the phone. Although this may seem like a long leap and may not introduce with the Samsung S11. this feature has been patented by Samsung for a device.

Now the tech radar has mentioned the presence of the punch-hole style camera in Samsung S11, citing Ice University, but in Samsung, this camera will be at the top instead of at the right corner.

The sources are quite authoritative, but what are the features coming with the Samsung S11, this will be known only after the introduction of this phone.

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