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DJI Mavic mini new firmware update on 31 dec 2019

A game-changing firmware update for the DJI Mavic Mini drone was made available on December 31, 2019. A number of new features and enhancements brought about by the upgrade make flying safer, more practical, and even more pleasurable. This post will go over all the information you require regarding the DJI Mavic Mini’s next firmware update on December 31, 2019. We’ll go over the updates and new features, as well as address some frequently asked queries. So let’s get going!

What does the new DJI Mavic Mini firmware update on December 31, 2019 entail?


What does the new DJI Mavic Mini firmware update on December 31, 2019 entail?

The most recent firmware update for DJI’s well-known Mavic Mini drone was released on December 31, 2019. The update adds a number of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes that improve the drone’s usage, performance, and safety.

Enhancements and new features
The following are some of the most interesting updates and new features that will be included in the DJI Mavic Mini New Firmware Update on December 31, 2019:

• Increased Flight Stability: The update increases the drone’s flight stability in a variety of conditions, such as when it is soaring at great heights or in strong gusts.

• New Photo and Video Modes: The update includes new photo and video modes, including the ability to record videos at 2.7K/30fps and 2x digital zoom.

• Geofencing Enhancements: With the update, geofencing is enhanced, making it simpler to fly your drone in restricted regions while still abiding by regional rules and regulations.

• Improved App Compatibility: The update makes the DJI Fly app more compatible with a wider range of smartphones and tablets, allowing more people to take advantage of the drone’s functions.

• Bug Fixes: The update addresses a number of issues that could have led to the drone crashing or acting abnormally. DJI Mini 3 Pro Available with a flight time of 47 minutes

How to Update the Firmware on a DJI Mavic Mini

The procedure for updating the firmware on your DJI Mavic Mini is easy to understand. This is how you do it:

Step 1: Install the DJI Fly app on your tablet or smartphone.

Step 2: Connect your tablet or smartphone to your Mavic Mini drone in step two.

Step 3: Launch the DJI Fly app and look for any updated versions.

Step 4: Download and install any updates that are available.

Step 5: After the update is finished, you can proceed.

General Public Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions If I don’t like the latest update, can I downgrade the firmware on my DJI Mavic Mini?

Answer: After updating your DJI Mavic Mini firmware, you cannot go back in time to a previous version. However, DJI frequently publishes fresh firmware updates that take care of any problems or worries consumers may have.

Will my smartphone or tablet be compatible with the DJI Mavic Mini New Firmware Update on December 31, 2019?

Answer: Different smartphones and tablets are supported by the DJI Mavic Mini New Firmware Update on December 31, 2019.

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