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Trending Tiktok app is going to be closed in Pakistan

Tiktok is not only waste of time but also money, obscenity has become commonplace because of it, a big step has been taken to shut down the well-known social media app “TikTok” in Pakistan.
According to details, a separate petition was filed in the Lahore High Court for the hearing of the petition filed for the closure of the tiktak. Applicants took the stand that the TikTak mobile app is destroying the younger generation. Ticking talk is a waste of time and money, and pornography is becoming more common.

Blackmail and harassment is getting encourage by tiktok. The court ordered the case to be adjourned for a speedy hearing and the PTA banned the tik tak. The petition further requested that the court be ordered to Pemra stop the tik-tok video and to stop the tik-tok till the final decision of the case.

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