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WhatsApp Payment Features is coming this year

the world’s largest social media owner, Zuckerberg says WhatsApp will soon introduce the payment feature very soon. During a question in a ceremony, Mark Zuckerberg said this feature would be introduced soon in those countries where services are available.

According to the news report, the final decision has not yet been given by the owner of Facebook, however, he has indicated that Facebook is testing this feature.

Responding to another question during the ceremony, he said that we are working on the payment method in India as observe that in recent days number of WhatsApp users increased significantly in the business version in India.

WhatsApp users exceeding 1 billion worldwide so the new features are introduced every day by the company to impress users and improve the quality of service.

In WhatsApp, the popular social media app has recently taken a major step towards ensuring the privacy and security of users’ messages.

WhatsApp introduces a fingerprint lock feature for Android users, which is to protect users’ extra security. Users will be able to download this updated version of the WhatsApp app to their smartphone and able to use this feature.

according to “Gulf News”. WhatsApp introduced Touch ID and Face ID for iPhone users to provide extra security to WhatsApp users, earlier this year,

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