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OmniVision Got Guinness World Record for smallest image sensor

In the above picture, it is not a piece of sugar on fingertips. it is actually world smallest image sensor. You can also call it the smallest camera in the world.

It is available on a commercial basis developed by OmniVision Company. OV6948 is the name of the world’s smallest image sensor, it is also included in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world smallest image sensor available on a commercial basis. Now the company has also made a full camera on it.

It is 0.575 mm in length, 0.575 mm in width and 0.232 mm in thickness. When it was placed in a camera module, it was 0.65 mm in length and the same length when it was tested for endoscopy, it sent color pictures from inside the body. The sensor’s chip shows a 120-degree field of view and the focus range is from 3mm to 30mm.

In video mode, this camera can create 120 frames per second. This important invention can be used to treat the heart diseases, waist, forbidden brain, and other diseases. Even at such a small size, the dentist can also get benefit from it, while its infinite use in industries sector.

Engineer of OmniVision Arun Cheng said that with the help of this new ways will open up for healing. Due to its small size it can easily reach the different and complicated parts of the body without hurting the patient. if the camera is tied to the wire, it does not hurt the patient.

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