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Oppo Reno Ace Infinity Introduces Revolutionary Air Charging Technology

As you know Oppo started new technology charging in the Smartphone world. And now it surprises the world through a new Reno device, this device is going to set a new world record.

Today The Chinese phone Company has showcased the Reno Ace Infinity with a new feature Free VOOC which means air-recharging technology (Power to charge the device over the air). There is a short demonstration video available from the Company that how this technology work.

It is a smartphone equipped with the FreeVOOC charging support, which has the ability of a 5 to 10W wireless charging in the surrounding area, for a maximum of 10 meters distance, through a specially dedicated module. In short, goodbye wireless charging bases!

How does FreeVOOC work

This FreeVOOC coil installed at the top right corner of the phone which receives energy through the wireless charger over the air. It comprises an absorption layer, a conversion layer, and a conductive material that is able to keep the device charge forever within a 10-meter distance.
Currently, only Ace Infinity showcased under the FreeVOOC module to benefit from “aerial” charging.

What do you say about its announcement timing because today is the 1st April but it was announced by the officials of the Oppo so I think they are not making prank. It would be real.

Source (Chinese website)

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